Physical Education

Foundation – Throughout the duration of the year, Foundation students will be developing many basic skills including running, hopping, skipping, throwing and catching. They use a variety of equipment including soft balls, bean bags and balloons when doing catching and throwing activities.


Students will also participate in activities such as gymnastics where they work on body balance and body control. Students will be working on making sure they are aware of what it means to play safely and be aware of what is going on around them in different games and activities during Physical Education classes.

Grade 1/2s – Students will further develop their ball control and kicking skills.
Students will participate in minor team games that promote health and fitness.


In gymnastics they will explore ways of moving and developing control when stopping, starting, springing and landing.


Grade 3/4s - Throughout the year, grade 3/4 students will be continuing to develop their skills in many areas including, throwing, catching, kicking, striking/hitting and also balance and body control through participating in areas such as Gymnastics and Athletics.


Students are continually working on displaying cooperation and good sportsmanship when working with others in team or individual game situations. They will be focusing on different types of modified games where they look at strategies which can be used when in a game situation.


Overall, the grade 3/4 students will be preparing for putting more specific skill development together by focusing on specific sports including games such as netball, basketball, soccer, football and tennis.

Grade 5/6s – Studnets will participate in an invasion game unit focusing on AFL football and netball.


Students will refine their skills in netball and AFL Football. They will focus on developing attacking and defensive tactics as well as strategic thinking to improve team performance.

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