Student Reporting

Student reports provide parents/carers with a clear picture of their child’s progress. They are used for every student in all Victorian government schools to report student achievement from Foundation to Year 10. The Victorian Curriculum provides curriculum for all learners including those with disabilities.


Student reports for parents/carers are confidential documents that schools are required to produce at least twice a year using a five-point rating scale. The purpose of student reports is to:


  • report student progress and achievement in Years Foundation to 10
  • provide parents/carers with clear, individualised information about progress against the achievement standards
  • identify the student’s areas of strength and areas for improvement.


In addition to producing student reports, schools will offer a ‘Getting to know you’ in term 1 and parent-teacher conference in term 3 to discuss the student’s progress.


Compass Ongoing Reporting

Ongoing Reporting is a report that builds throughout the year and provides students and parents with ongoing assessment of how a student is progressing.

  • Greater accountability of students’ work habits
  • Timely feedback – the progress report is issued when the task is completed and assessed, enabling the teacher and the parent to identify, intervene and improve
  • No “surprise” negative results coming home at the end of a semester. If there is a problem, parents are notified when it arises
  • Access online anywhere, anytime via a secure web-based program.

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