School Profile

Kurunjang Primary School was opened in 1989 and is located 35 kilometres north west of Melbourne, in the northern area of Melton, in the Kurunjang estate, adjacent to Kurunjang Secondary College


The school’s strategic direction for 2016-2019 is centred on improving student outcomes in literacy and numeracy; improving students’ confidence and engagement in learning and their connectedness with their peers, their teachers, the school and the community; establishing a safe, calm and orderly learning environment; and maximising all aspects of school operationsd resource allocations to achieve the best possible outcomes for students. Our prioritized initiatives within the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) are Building Leadership Teams, Building Practice Excellence, Curriculum Planning and Assessment, and Setting Expectations and Promoting Inclusion.


The leadership profile consists of the Principal, Assistant Principal Years F-2, Assistant Principal Years 3-6, three Leading Teachers, classroom teachers, and Education Support staff to support Administration, the Program for students with disabilities and intervention programs, maintenance, grounds and Library and ICT infrastructure. In 2017 there are 21 classes incorporating four Year Foundation, seven Year 1/2, five year 3/4, and five 5/6 classes. Specialist curriculum classes are Phys Ed, Visual and Performing Arts in all year levels, and Chinese LOTE in Years Foundation -2.


Our Professional Learning Community incorporates year level, specialist and leadership teams, who ensure collaboration and consistency of curriculum planning and implementation of a guaranteed and viable curriculum across the school, including documenting the essential learnings and proficiency scales within the Victorian Curriculum. Planned and targeted professional learning occurs for whole school and individual staff in line with the Strategic and Annual Implementation plans and individual Performance and Development goals and standards. The staff at Kurunjang Primary School are dedicated, They working together in collaborative teams to provide the best opportunities for our students.


Explicit leadership in instructional practice is conducted through school based Leading Teachers in Teaching/Learning, Intervention/Supported learning; and external literacy and numeracy consultants. External behavioural coaching complements the implementation of a whole school approach and practice in School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports. Equity Funding has enabled consultation and mentoring in adopting the Berry St Education model for proven positive, trauma-informed, wellbeing practices to significantly progress student’s academic achievement. 2016 was our first year as an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) site team, with the specific strategies being introduced across the school although with a greater focus currently in years 5/6 in preparation for higher education.


Each classroom and specialist area has an apple TV. Banks of iPads enable elearning tools to be integrated into curriculum programs rather than a stand-alone resource.


10% of students at Kurunjang have English as an additional language and 3% are of Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander descent. Individual Learning Plans are developed and implemented for students whose background is Koorie, EAL or Out of Home care; as well as those who are working 12 months below or 12 months above the expected level for their age.


Transition activities and programs for transition includes, for Pre-school to Foundation, staff visits to feeder kindergartens and childcare centres both prior to and following four transition and orientation mornings and parent information sessions; and for Primary to Secondary transition, AVID, Kids in the kitchen, technology sessions, and student/parent information sessions. Transition between year levels is supported through the explicit transition ‘Switched On’ program for all students and individual arrangements for students with identified additional needs.


Our students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of enrichment activities and special events including incursions, excursions, sporting activities, concerts and camps (Foundation Breakfast and Pyjama day, Year 1/2 Big Night In and sleep over, Year 3/4 bi-annual camp and 5/6 annual camp). Student Leadership facilitates weekly assemblies and represents the student voice within the school.


Kurunjang Primary School values strong partnerships between teachers, students and parents; welcoming parent participation in classroom and sporting programs, and offers training to parents to support them as classroom helpers. Community expertise is harnessed with the work of our Primary Welfare officer who has established strong connections with Melton City council, Early Years partnerships and allied health professionals and agencies.


Kurunjang Primary School has well appointed buildings that include classroom offices/walk in storage and withdrawal spaces between each double classroom in the main building, and a large shared project and multiple learning spaces in the Learning Hub. The Personal Learning studio, built in 2011, adjoining the existing gymnasium, has a multiple purpose for catering for the school community, including meetings and events of the PFA, meetings and professional learning for staff, and collaborative student projects. It includes a fully appointed kitchen with cooking facilities.


School Facilities also include a visual arts and music rooms, and library. The Out of School Hours (OSH club) program is situated in a single room in the main building with secure access for caregivers, and operates both a before and after school program. The room is also utilized as a developmental playroom for pedagogical support of student learning in years F-2, an alternative lunchtime program, and provision for 3 playgroup programs. All classrooms and learning spaces are well equipped, and have heating and air conditioning.

The Condition Assessment of Victorian Government Schools report, which was conducted in May 2012 has to date, resulted in planned maintenance funding directed to the maintenance of the gymnasium and adjoining storerooms, music room, canteen, two relocatable buildings and site infrastructure.


The school has extensive play spaces for the students including an external oval, synthetic turf athletic track and soccer field, hard court areas, playgrounds and sandpits (Foundation, Year 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6) and a double basketball court. The well landscaped, maintained and resourced grounds provide a most attractive school environment well suited to recreation, developmental play and outdoor learning and leadership.

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