Camps and Outdoor Education

The aim of the school camping and outdoor education program is to provide opportunities for students to have a range of experiences related to a variety of outdoor environments.
The key outcomes include:

  • To promote personal development through responsible interaction with others.
  • To promote greater self confidence and independence in children.
  • To enhance personal qualities such as leadership, communication, problem solving, resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to learn about themselves and others in natural or new environments.
  • To encourage responsible use and appreciation of the natural environment.


2017 Program
Foundation Visit to Animal Land in Diggers Rest.
Breakfast at School
Grade 1/2 Combined BBQ at school and outdoor activities from 5pm
Grade 1 students go home at 7pm
Grade 2 students overnight at school.
Grade 3/4 Three day camp at Lady Northcote Recreation Camp.
Grade 5/6 Three day camp at PGL Campaspe Downs Adventure camp.



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