COVID-19 Information and updates

Following DET guidelines we will return to on-site learning as of Monday 12th October.

Please follow the links from the Principal and the current Return to School Operations Policy for Parents and Carers - Term 4, 2020.

Please remember that we are returning to the house colour staggered start and finish times as of tomorrow, gates will not be opened prior to 8.30am.

School hats and drink bottles- both clearly labelled must be brought along to school with your child.

We thank you all for the amazing effort that you have put in so far this year and welcome all our students back to school for term 4.

Term 4 begins with remote and flexible online learning-: starting Monday October 5th.

On-site information:
If you fit into the permitted worker and vulnerable categories as per Term 3 you may apply for your child to attend on-site for week 1 of remote learning, please fill in details in the below link and along with your permitted workers form email to the school no later than Thursday 3pm for your application to be reviewed.

Online attendance form:
Application for on-site attendance- due in by Thursday 3pm, you will be notified by phone Friday if we have been able to meet your request.

Term 4
Returning to school:
In accordance with the Chief Health Officers guidlines children in Years Foundation to Year 6 will be returning to on-site learning after October 10th, we will update you as soon as possible on times and/or staggered starts and return of specific year levels as soon as we recieve further details.
We very much look forward to students returning to school for Term 4.

New Updates:
Term 3 Operations guide.

Online attendance form:
Application for on-site attendance- due in by Thursday 3pm, you will be notified by phone Friday if we have been able to meet your request.


Please read below for details and information regarding the extension of the school holiday period and request for students to be onsite during this time by the Department of Education.

See the source image
VITAL INFORMATION FOR THE RETURN TO SCHOOL -Tuesday May 26th (F-2) and Tuesday June 9th (3-6).
Please click the blue link for information and guidelines outlining the staggered return to school plan for your children.
This link will give you the updated information regarding:
  • A staged return to school
  • Attendance on-site
  • School arrival and departure
  • School Health and Safety Measures
  • Cleaning and Facilities
  • Teaching and Learning, and Work/Play Environments
  • Other Programs and Practices
KPS Return to School Operations Policy for Parents and Carers 

Returning to onsite learning for Term 2.
F-2 Tuesday May 26th
3-6 Tuesday June 9th
Please click on link for further information.

Application for on-site attendance.

Please see attached on-site attendance request form issued from the Department of Education to be completed each week in the event that you are unable to have your children supervised at home. Please return as soon as possible to your class teacher via COMPASS or to the school email address if you require your child to attend on-site.
Any child that can work from home, must work from home.
All applications are for considerarion and the needs of students, staff and community are reviewed each week. Applications must be submitted no later than the Thursday the week prior at 3.30pm.
You will be contacted each Friday to inform you if your application has been successful.



Facts sheets.
Parent information fact sheet
Parent information letter