Term Three 2021: School returns

Monday July 12th is a pupil free day.
No students will attend school on this day.
Term 3 will begin on Tuesday July 13th - we look forward to seeing you all back to school for our usual start time of 8.50am.
Online learning begins as of Friday July 16th.

Term 3 COVID update:

Online Learning begins on Friday July 16th.

For the reason of health and safety, it has been directed that all staff who can work from home, must work from home. A minimum number of staff are permitted onsite next week to support and supervise only those students, in extreme circumstances of vulnerability or if all adult members of the household are essential workers and are required to work away from home.

If this applies to you please complete the onsite attendance request form on the school website under the COVID section and email to the school email no later than 1pm for any days next week

 Receiving the attendance request is imperative for organising necessary staffing and confirming numbers before next week.


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