From the Principal

 October 2021


Foundation students will return to school on Mon/Tues/Wed and 1/2s on Thurs/Fri.

Please refer to the detailed timetable for ALL YEAR LEVELS for weeks 3, 4, 5 and week 6 by which time all children will have returned to school fulltime.

Although the return of the children to school and the end of remote learning is what we all welcome, we are aware that there may be feelings of uncertainty with regard the status of COVID cases still within the community and the occurrence of Tier 1 exposure sites. Be assured that we will continue to do everything we can for COVID safety.

Vaccination is mandatory for all school staff - teachers and education support staff MUST have received at least their first vaccination by next Monday (18th Oct) and are not permitted on site if they are not; and to be fully vaccinated by 29th November, and again will not be permitted on site if they are not.

All staff are also mandated to wear face masks both inside and outside with the only exception being in the event of impediment for communication with students during teaching.

It is now mandatory for all children in years 3-6 to wear masks inside and we ask that parents and carers organise a mask for their year 3-6 child/ren from the 18th October. We have organized a zip lock plastic bag for all year 3-6 students if they choose to remove their mask when outside during recesses and during physical education and activity. Masks are not mandatory for children in years F-2 but are strongly recommended by the Chief Health Medical Officer.

We are required to restrict the number of visitors to the school and we ask that parents/carers minimise their coming on site as much as possible. Parents and carers may not enter school buildings unless it has been organised prior and COVID safe measures have been put in place. We are not returning to staggered arrival and dismissal times at this time, nor are we stopping parents and carers at the gates as we were required to do in 2020, but we do ask that your drop off and pick ups of the children are swift.  

Please do not gather with others and always maintain a 1.5 meter distance from others. The playground equipment must not be accessed before or after school by any of the children or their siblings.

Parents and Carers MUST wear a mask if coming on site.

Please help us in adhering to these requirements for the safety of the large number of children and adults who are on site.

You will find this information in a presentation that was sent out to Foundation and Year 1/2 students via seesaw explaining about the arrangements for return to school and is attached via private YouTube link for you to view.

23rd September 2021

Dear parents and carers,

In our newsletters prior to the end of term 3, I said that I would forward the information  from the Department of Education when it was received. We will forward any further detail and reminders before the commencement of Term 4.

Thie week the Victorian Government announced the Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan.

The Roadmap, which is based on advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, sets out the staged return to onsite learning in Term 4, with the plan being that all students returning onsite by Friday 5 November as follows:

Remote learning will continue for all primary year levels from 4th October to 15th October (first 2 weeks of term)

Year levels

From Wednesday 6 October

From Monday 18 October

From Tuesday 26 October

From Friday 5 November



Monday – Wednesday

Monday – Wednesday

* (all days)

Year 1-2


Thursday – Friday

Thursday – Friday


Year 3-4



Tuesday – Wednesday


Year 5-6



Thursday – Friday


Year 7





Year 8-9



Tuesday – Wednesday


Year 10



Thursday – Friday


Year 11





Year 12 (VCE units 3/4 and final year VCAL and IB)






This will, however, depend on final advice from health authorities closer to each stage.

Remote and flexible learning will be delivered to students on the days they are not onsite.

Vulnerable children and children of parents or guardians who are on the authorised provider and authorised worker list can continue attending onsite.

onsite application

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) programs will be open for all students during Term 4 in line with their return to onsite attendance at school.


Getting vaccinated is the best way to be protected from and prevent the spread of COVID-19. I encourage all students aged 12 years and over and their parents to get vaccinated as soon as possible. To book a vaccination appointment go to

Mental health and wellbeing support for students over the holidays

Mental health support, resources and advice are available for students and families to access over the holidays.

Two factsheets for students and families have been developed to support the mental health and wellbeing of students during this time.

These have been developed to support school students and families over the school holidays to:

  • support positive mental health and wellbeing of students
  • identify signs that students may need mental health support
  • access available support.

These fact sheets are also available in 19 different languages on the department’s website.


Please limit your movements over the holidays in line with restrictions and stay safe.

Thank you

Jenny Robinson


Letter from the Principal - back to school in Term 4 - National Roadmap.

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IMPORTANT COVID UPDATE! Tuesday September 21

Dear Families,

As I am sure you are aware,  the Victorian Government along with the Chief Health Officer has released the roadmap out of Lockdown for Victoria.

We know that for many of you ,you were hoping that all students would return to on-site learning at the beginning of Term 4, and we again ask that as a community we ban together to work through this next step in making Victoria and our school community safe.

We will continue to update you throughout the school holiday period, please keep an eye on Compass and the website for updates as we get closer to the beginning of the term.

If you are an essential worker,  you can access online, via compass and the school website, an application for your child to be onsite.

This MUST be submitted by no later than 1pm THURSDAY.

Again we wish to thank you for your support during these uncertain times.

KPS Leadership Team

onsite application

Updated July 20

Dear Families

We are sure that you have all heard the news today regarding the extension of the current lockdown.

We know that for some of you this news will be not what you were hoping to hear, however we will all continue to band together to ensure that we can get back to ‘as normal as possible’, and that we all remain safe and healthy.

You will have already received an email and Seesaw codes from your child’s teacher for online learning for this week, and we know that many of your children have already joined in daily morning circle time with their class and have moved straight back into remote and flexible learning.

We congratulate them for their flexibility and resilience.

All students will continue to learn from home, except for students in the following categories:


Children where both parents and/or carers are considered authorised workers who cannot work from home, work for an essential provider and where no other supervision arrangements can be made:

  • Where there are two parents/carers, both must be authorised workers, working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.
  • For single parents/carers, the authorised worker must be working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.

Children experiencing vulnerability, including:

  • in out-of-home care
  • deemed vulnerable by a government agency, funded family or family violence service, and assessed as requiring education and care outside the family home
  • identified by a school or early childhood service as vulnerable, (including via referral from a government agency, or funded family or family violence service, homeless or youth justice service or mental health or other health service) 
  • Where a parent/carer indicates that a student with a disability is vulnerable because they cannot learn from home, and/or informs the school the student is vulnerable due to family stress, the school must provide on-site supervision for that student. This may apply to students enrolled in specialist schools and students with a disability enrolled in mainstream schools.


If you feel your child fits into one of these categories then an application to be onsite can be found on the school website within the COVID update section, the application form has also been sent out via compass. All applications must be sent to the school by no later than 1pm Thursday for the following week, this ensures we are able to make the necessary arrangements for suitable supervision while also following government advice of those who can work from home , must work from home, meaning we will only have a limited number of staff on site at any time.

We hope that the continuation of this short, sharp lockdown until midnight Tuesday 27th July will mean that we can hopefully get back to school onsite on Wednesday July 28th as we are very much looking forward to seeing you all in person.

As usual we will continue to keep you updated via compass and on the school website.

Wishing you safe and well

Tom and Wendy